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27Sep, 17

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over: Varying and setting aside final parenting orders A recent case has moved the goal posts when it comes to re-opening parenting matters after final orders have already been made by the Court. The test adopted by the Courts is that a parent seeking to have parenting orders set aside ... more

7Sep, 17
How old does a child have to be before they can decide who they live with qld

We are frequently asked at what age a child can make decisions for themselves about which parent they will choose to live with. Two cases decided recently in Australia and the UK illustrates very well that the answer to this question is generally that the only definite response is when the child reaches the age ... more

24Aug, 17
The Top 7 Ways To Turn A Cheap Divorce Into An Expensive Affairs

When meeting with a cheap divorce lawyer, undoubtedly, one of your primary concerns would be how much it would cost you to dissolve your marriage and resolve property settlement issues. This is a pertinent concern and in the same way as a lavish wedding ceremony and overseas honeymoon can cost an arm and a leg, ... more

24Aug, 17
changes to succession law wills brisbane

Important information Regarding De Facto Relationships & Your Will Did You Know? Changes to Queensland Succession Law May Impact You! Two recent changes to Succession Law in Queensland will have significant impacts upon estate disputes and the way Wills are treated where they include former de facto partners. The changes are an important reminder of ... more

8May, 17
what is your best alternative dispute resolution

Chief Justice of the Family court of Australia, Judge Diana Bryant says “I think the system is letting people down” In an article published by Robyn Powell of the ABC on 1 May 2017 our head Judge of the Family Court says “ I think the system is letting people down” and Bryant J sets ... more

22Mar, 17

Get it right                  To engage the wrong solicitor to act for you could have dire consequences. What consequences?                   Negotiation skills are very important right from the outset. Your case must be presented in the most skillful,informed and well structured way. Proper preparation is necessary. Your solicitor must have the skills and experience to ... more