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8May, 17
what is your best alternative dispute resolution

Chief Justice of the Family court of Australia, Judge Diana Bryant says “I think the system is letting people down” In an article published by Robyn Powell of the ABC on 1 May 2017 our head Judge of the Family Court says “ I think the system is letting people down” and Bryant J sets ... more

22Mar, 17

Get it right                  To engage the wrong solicitor to act for you could have dire consequences. What consequences?                   Negotiation skills are very important right from the outset. Your case must be presented in the most skillful,informed and well structured way. Proper preparation is necessary. Your solicitor must have the skills and experience to ... more

27Jan, 17
how to stop your ex moving away with the kids?

Act fast to avoid problems. Part 1.  Stopping your children from travelling overseas. It is an all too common occurrence in Family Law matters where one parent takes it upon themselves to move to another city, state or even country with their children without consulting or obtaining agreement from the other parent. So what do ... more

23Jan, 17

WHAT DO YOU MEAN ORDERS? This term mainly relates to financial issues arising from a separation or split in a relationship. DEFINITION: WHAT CONSTITUTES A RELATIONSHIP? A relationship means marriage, de-facto or same sex relationship. The Family Law Act legislation deals with all three relationships. WHAT PROPERTY? The financial assets of the parties which include ... more

1Nov, 16

Marriages, De Facto relationships and same sex relationships are all covered by the Family Law Act. Are you aware that there are difficulties in your relationship and that your partner may wish to leave. Separation definition What happens if a separation does occur. A separation has three elements; Either party or both intend to end ... more