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Child Custody Application and Sole Parental Responsibility

We are currently involved in a case in the Family Court involving a former army officer now suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who served Australia in both East Timor and Afghanistan and a child custody application. The wife originally brought an Ex Parte application (meaning that she was seeking orders without serving the husband with

Divorce Family Law Blog August 26, 2014

Financial Agreements: make sure you get it right

Financial agreements are binding if done properly.  We have acted in many cases where we have been able to overturn financial agreements ion the Family Court because of mistakes in the agreement and proper advices not being given to the parties. One of our matters is now a leading case in this area.  The case

Financial settlement after separation

A recent case highlights why your financial positions should be sorted out as soon as possible. We have acted in a number of these cases and in each case the late finalisation of settlement of financial issues caused hardship to the parties. In the case in question the husband had extensive business interests in Australia 

Divorce Family Law Blog August 16, 2014

World’s Most Expensive Divorce

A US court must rule on what may be the world’s most expensive divorce in history, as oil mogul Harold Hamm’s wife seeks a share of his US$17 billion (A$18.2 billion) company. Hamm v. Hamm is in its second week at trial inside a closed Oklahoma City courtroom. The legal sticking point is whether Mr

Family Law Blog July 31, 2014

Marital assets debts Thai law

Marital Assets Debts Under Thai Law Article by Nuanchun Somboonvinij, Attorney, Tilleke & Gibbins International. In Thailand, marital property consists of: Earnings and most other property acquired during marriage Property acquired during marriage through a will or gift made in writing if it is declared by such will or document of gift Property that is

Overseas financial agreements in Australia: Are they enforceable in Australia?

Overseas financial agreements in Australia: Are they enforceable in Australia? The short answer is No. If parties are living and working overseas any financial agreement they enter into in the country in which they reside before, during or after the relationship has ended, subject to the requirements of the jurisdiction in which the parties reside,

Overseas maintenance agreements: Are they enforceable in Australia?

Overseas maintenance agreements: Are they enforceable in Australia? The short answer is Yes. Australia is a party to a number of international conventions and agreements regulating the recognition and enforcement of maintenance obligations. Australia was a party to the New York convention on the recovery abroad of maintenance. Australia also became a party to the

Collaborative Practice

We are currently involved in a collaborative practice matter involving parties who were originally from a large regional town in Victoria. The parties had extensive business interests in the town where they had resided together and substantial assets which assets were included in the business, personally and in their superannuation fund.  The business was a successful

Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Separate Using The Collaborative Process Example They Call “Conscientious Uncoupling”

Collaborative Process Example: The following is a joint statement issued by Gwyneth and Chris on the breakdown in their relationship. It is with hearts full of sadness that we have decided to separate. We have been working hard for well over a year, some of it together, some of it separated, to see what might

Relationship Counselling in Family Law

Counselling can be of a great benefit in resolving problems arising from a breakdown in your relationship.  There are qualified counsellors in private practice as well as in government and community based organisations. Relationship Counselling in Family Law is often looked upon favorably. Counselling works best if you and your partner attend counselling sessions of your

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