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Collaboration June 26, 2015

Rejection Law and Collaborative Practice

I recently attended an international conference held by the International Academy of Collaborative Practitioners on the Gold Coast.  There were some interesting papers presented at that conference.  A short paper was provided to us.  This is a paper published by Emma Young in March 2002.  It is short but interesting paper and is downloadable here.

De Facto Family Law News June 4, 2015

Gay Marriage in Australia

REPORTED IN THE DAILY MAIL NEWSPAPER “MODEL MIRANDA KERR’S BROTHER MATTHEW, 29, DECLARES HE IS ‘SMITTEN’ AND ANNOUNCES ON FACEBOOK HE WILL WED BOYFRIEND JAMES WRIGHT, 36,” The article went on say that Miranda Kerr’s brother Matthew will wed his boyfriend who is 7 years his senior.  He announced the wedding in a surprise statement

Family Law Blog June 1, 2015

What Could Happen If A Party Does Not Comply Or Ignore The Fundamental Principles Set Out In The Family Law Act

What happens if you ignore Family Law Act? This creates a great deal of financial and emotional stress for all parties concerned.  For example in a matter we are dealing with the parties had agreed on mediation to resolve the financial difficulties arising from the break down in their marriage.   The mediator and the sharing

Divorce May 19, 2015

Checking Into The Divorce Hotel Australia?

“Dutch entrepreneur Jim Halfens launched the ‘Divorce Hotel’ service that enables couples to check into a 5 star hotel for a weekend and negotiate the terms of their divorce over the course of the weekend.” Accordingly the website, www.DivorceHotel.com the service involves a weekend of negotiations and mediation in a special hotel suite with divorce

Preparing For The Unthinkable: Protecting Your Interests Under Family Law

PREPARING FOR THE UNTHINKABLE: PROTECTING YOUR INTERESTS UNDER FAMILY LAW A paper delivered to a conference for financial advisers in Australia. In this article, we have endeavored to analyse what a Financial Adviser would like to glean from a family lawyer, and how this may be applicable to their clients. There are certain areas of family

CHILD SAFETY Family Law News April 22, 2015

All Contact Between Father And Child Halted By Judge

ALL CONTACT BETWEEN FATHER AND CHILD HALTED BY JUDGE The recent case in the Family Court of Australia of Dunst [2014] saw Judge Austin order that the father not spend any time with his five children. Whilst much debate has been had in recent times regarding the assumed favoritism by the Family Court ordering more time

Collaboration April 19, 2015

Detailed Overview Of Collaborative Law Practice In 2015

OVERVIEW OF COLLABORATIVE LAW PRACTICE by Ian Field, Family Law, Brisbane A new way of practicing family law and avoiding Family Court litigation. Of all the following celebrities are you able to distinguish those that used the collaborative approach to resolve issues arising from the breakdown of their marriage or went down the traditional path of

Divorce Family Law News April 15, 2015

Judge allows divorce papers to be served via Facebook

Facebook has been a place for people to promote their newly single status for years, but now it also has the power to help people legally reclaim their single life. In a landmark ruling, a New York City judge had declared that Facebook messages are an acceptable way to serve divorce papers, according to the

Divorce Family Law Blog March 16, 2015

Separation Advice Brisbane: What To Do If You Are Contemplating Separating From Your Partner?

Separation Advice Brisbane: WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE CONTEMPLATING SEPARATING FROM YOUR PARTNER Separation Advice Brisbane with Charles Noble – Family Lawyer at Aylward Game Solicitors incorporating Family Law There are a good many things you should consider prior to separating from your partner.  Firstly and most importantly make sure you have made arrangements

Family Law News March 6, 2015

We’re growing into a bigger firm!

Dear Friends and Colleagues, It is both an honor and delight to announce that Aylward Game Solicitors and Family Law will be merging, effective 2 March 2015.  This strategic alliance will serve as a landmark event for both firms, and will be the first biggest milestone of the newly merged firm. The new firm will be called

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