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Who’s Your Daddy? Am I the child’s parent?

Who’s Your Daddy? Am I the child’s parent? Strange as it may seem, we do not see too many women through our door asking how they would know or be able to prove if they are a child’s legal and biological parent.  We do however experience the question raised quite often by men. In our

Top Ten Issues You Need To Know About Family Law Litigation

Follow along for the latest installment of our ‘TOP TEN ISSUES YOU NEED TO KNOW” series. This feature discusses the Top Ten Issues You Need To Know About Family Law Litigation. In 1975 the Federal Government set up the Family Court to deal with matrimonial matters.  It now also deals with de facto and same

Queensland Surrogacy Process

SURROGACY – A COMPLICATED PROCESS IN QUEENSLAND AND AUSTRALIA What is the surrogacy process in Australia? Surrogacy arrangement is an arrangement between a woman ( the “birth mother”) and another person or persons ( the “intended parent or parents”).  The birth mother can give birth to a child with the intention that the child is

Am I in a de facto relationship?

HOW ARE THE STRESS LEVELS GOING? One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked is “Am I in a de facto relationship?”. This is often considered one of the most complex areas of Family Law and it requires a measured approach. Meaning of de facto relationship A person is in a  de facto relationship with another person if: the persons are

Legal Words Used in Family Court

FACT SHEET on LEGAL WORDS USED IN FAMILY COURT Abuse – in relation to a child, is defined in subsection 4(1) of the Act. For convenience, the definition is set out below with the definition of ‘Family Violence’. Address for service – the address given by a party where documents can be served on them by

Ten Things You Need To Know In Family Law

TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW IN FAMILY LAW  The ten most common mistakes made by family law clients: Delay in obtaining legal advice if your partner relocates. The welfare of the children is paramount.  Don’t allow a parenting pattern to be established which the Court may be reluctant to alter. Negotiating children and property issues

Family Law Blog December 12, 2014

Family Law Review 2014

FAMILY LAW REVIEW 2014: What A Year It Has Been! One of our biggest trials has been completed and judgment was handed down. This involved a multinational company based in New Zealand with premises in Queensland, Victoria and a manufacturing company owned in China. A matrimonial property dispute in which we acted for the husband.

Gay and Lesbian De Facto Couples and Parenting

Elton John and his partner David may not be considered the parents of their children in Australia. Under the provisions of the Family Law Act parents are responsible for the care, welfare and development of their children. The parents may be married or living in a de facto relationship. In both instances the children of

CHILD SAFETY Family Law Blog November 27, 2014

Does Child Maintenance Cease When The Child Turns 18? Not Necessarily So.

Does Child Maintenance Stop When The Child Turns 18? Not Necessarily So. Financial support or child maintenance is governed by the Child Support Act until the child becomes an adult at the age of 18 at which time the jurisdiction of the child support agency ceases. Whilst the Child Support Agency has jurisdiction to manage child

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Divorce in Australia?

The million dollar question How much does it cost to get a divorce in Australia is determined by about a millions factors; but mainly depends on the actions of you and your partner. We can however advise of your family law costs in relation to a property settlement, custody and time spent with children in

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