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Our Highly Acclaimed Brisbane Family Law, Mediation, and Divorce Expert Ian Field is a highly experienced Accredited Specialist in Family Law

Brisbane Family Law is an area of the law dealing with domestic relations and family matters which include: civil unions, marriage, and domestic partnerships, property settlements, parenting arrangements, binding financial agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, surrogacy, and adoption, child abduction, and child abuse among others.

Our family lawyers can advise you on a range of issues including::

1. Divorce and Separation

Divorce Applications to the Court

When you need to get a divorce, a court application is required. For expert advice on when it’s possible an application for divorce and for help in making the application and making sure the court promptly deals with it, you can contact Ian Field. You can do the same immediately when you’ve obtained a divorce but haven’t finalised the property settlement.

Aylward Game Solicitors – an experienced family law team that can assist you in managing this difficult process with a range of advice and services in the areas of:

  • Family law advice about all aspects of your child and financial issue
  • separation and spousal maintenance
  • dispute resolution
  • court appeals and reviews
  • domestic violence
  • same-sex Couple

If you have obtained a divorce but have not finalised Property Settlement contact Ian Field for an initial consultation without delay.

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Contact Our Accredited Family Law Specialists.

Note: Please note that once a divorce has been granted, a strict time limit of 12 months applies for making an application to the Court for Property Settlement.


Ensuring that the arrangements for Parenting your children after separation are frequently one of the most important Family Law issues that need to be addressed. So often described as custody and access, or contact and residence, but now described by the Family Law Act as “lives with” and “spends time with” are critical issues.

Whether arrangements are agreed upon and need to be formally recorded, or whether the arrangements are not agreed upon and need to be negotiated, or the issues need to be taken to Court, obtaining the right legal advice is vital.

Aylward Game Solicitors provide sensitive and practical advice for your situation and children.


Prenuptial agreements and Binding Financial Agreements

Binding Financial Agreement (BFA), often a pre-nuptial agreement, is becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

It is possible to sign these agreements for couples who are not legally married before, during and after the relationship and before and after marriage.

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Contact Our Accredited Family Law Specialists.

Aylward Game Solicitors offer you practical and sensitive legal advice to ensure your rights are fully protected, and the agreement complies fully with the law.


Separation: Property and Financial Affairs

For married and de facto couples, it is vital to ensure that when a relationship ends, issues to do with property settlement are properly handled.

Aylward Game Solicitors will offer you sensitive and practical advice tailored to your particular requirements and circumstances to make sure property settlement is amicably handled if possible or your case is put properly to the Court.


Altruistic Surrogacy Issues

In Queensland, altruistic surrogacy is possible. However, this is a specifically sensitive issue. When you require legal advice concerning surrogacy, you can call Ian Field.

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Contact Our Accredited Family Law Specialists.

Ian Field has successfully represented parties in some applications to the Court for granting a Parentage Order, and he has provided the necessary advice and documentation as part of the entire surrogacy process.


Spousal maintenance after marriage ends

In some circumstances, spousal maintenance might be possible after a marriage or de facto relationship ends. You can ask Ian Field for some detailed advice if this can be a consideration for you on 1800 217 217


De Facto Relationships also include same-sex couples

The Family Law Act 1975 handles matters of property and parenting issues for married and de facto couples in Australia.

It also applies to same-sex relationships (including the LGBT Community) and heterosexual couples. You may call Ian Field when you require sensitive and practical advice concerning the varied and complex issues which might emerge after the relationship breaks down.


Mediation and Negotiation

There are different ways that family law issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship may be handled.

They include the couple’s direct negotiation, application to the Court, negotiation between both parties lawyers, and collaborative law or other Alternative Dispute Resolutions.

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Contact Our Accredited Family Law Specialists.

Mediation is often used and can prove to be quite effective. Ian Field offers vast experience in helping clients through the mediation process.


Domestic Violence and DVO’s

Domestic violence issues sometimes emerge in the context of Family Law issues. Whether you’re the victim or are alleged to have perpetrated this, you must get the right legal advice.

You may rely on Aylward Game Solicitors who have the experience and a sensitive approach to ensure you receive the advice you require.


Grandparents in Parenting Cases

The grandparents have a right to apply for Court Orders relating to the parenting of the grandchildren where the parents of such children are unsuitable for medical or other reasons to care for them.

The Courts can make orders for the grandparents to take on the parenting role of the children in such circumstances, or the Court can make Orders that regulate the role of a grandparent in a child’s life, such as providing for a child to spend time with a grandparent.

If a Court orders it, then normally, the time spent by the grandparents with their grandchildren would be a time that is not inconvenient to the children and the children’s parents. However, the Courts would also look at the disruption to any children’s activities, including sporting, educational and extra-curricular activities, to determine if the time spent with the grandparents is feasible.

The wishes of the children, especially those of teenage children, will be considered.

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Contact Our Accredited Family Law Specialists.

Other significant family members do not have the same rights as grandparents in seeking time with their nieces, nephews, and other family children. However, if other significant family members or even sometimes family friends have had a large involvement in the upbringing of the children and if the parents, grandparents, or other family members are not suitable to parent the children, then those family members or friends may apply to the Court for Orders relating to the parenting of the children.

Brisbane Family Lawyers

When dealing with family law matters in the city of Brisbane, Australia, Aylward Game Solicitors stands out as a leading team of Brisbane Family Lawyers. With a dedicated focus on family law, Aylward Game Solicitors offers expert legal services to individuals and families facing a range of challenges related to marriage, divorce, child custody, child support, property division, adoption, domestic violence, and other family-related issues.

Comprehending the complexities of the Family Law Act of Australia, Aylward Game Solicitors’ experienced professionals are well-equipped to provide sound advice, reliable representation, and effective mediation services. Whether clients are going through a difficult divorce, seeking custody arrangements for their children, or require assistance with any other family law matter, the Brisbane Family Lawyers at Aylward Game Solicitors are committed to guiding them through the legal process while safeguarding their rights and interests.

For those in need of assistance from a Brisbane Family Lawyer, conducting thorough research is crucial. Opting for a reputable and experienced professional like Aylward Game Solicitors ensures that clients receive top-notch support during this challenging time. An initial consultation with the firm is recommended to discuss individual circumstances and determine how their expertise can best resolve family law issues efficiently and effectively. Trust in Aylward Game Solicitors to provide the knowledgeable and compassionate legal representation that clients require to navigate the intricacies of family law in Brisbane.

We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Why Hiring an Expert Brisbane Family Lawyer is Important When You’re Going Through a Divorce or facing family law issues.

We are the best family law solicitors in Brisbane, Experts in all aspects of all Family Law. We are the best and most honest Brisbane Family Lawyers because we are working hard and providing the best results for our all gentle clients. Aylward Game Solicitors is the largest Family Law Firm in Brisbane, having been established over 22 years and with over 80 years of combined professional experience. Our trusted Brisbane Family Lawyers are dedicated to achieving the best outcome for your unique situation! Aylward Game Solicitors protect your rights, offer focused on the best advice, and ensure full confidentiality during your family law proceedings.

There are a number of reasons why it is important to hire a lawyer in Brisbane. The first is that they will be able to help you with any legal issues that you may be experiencing. This can be anything from family law to divorce or even estate planning.

Secondly, finding an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer with ensuring you’re represented by an expert on the law; they know what the best course of action is for your specific situation. They generally also have access to all different types of resources and information (or people) which will help them make better advice for your case.

A Few Reasons why You Need a Brisbane Family Lawyer on Your Side

There are many reasons why you need a lawyer to guide you through the legal process. The first is that they can provide you with advice on what to do in order to protect your rights. They will also be able to guide you on what documents should be signed and which ones should be avoided.

Some people may not know where they can find a lawyer and this is where online directories come into the picture. These directories help people find lawyers in their area and list the services they offer, as well as their prices.

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What Questions Should You Ask your Brisbane Family Lawyer?

An expert family lawyer in Brisbane can help you get the best possible outcome for your case.
To get the best out of their expertise, you should ask them questions suchh as:

1. What is your experience in family law?
2. How much will it cost to hire a lawyer in Brisbane?
3. Do you offer a free consultation with your clients?
4. Will I be able to speak to my lawyer on the phone or Skype?
5. What are the typical charges for different legal services?
6. How can costs change?
7. Do I get charged for asking questions?
8. How can I minimise costs? What can I do to make it easier?
9. Once we proceed, can I stop proceedings?
10. What is the best case scenario?
11. What is the worst case scenario?

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When two people separate (after a very long relationship), financial issues can become problematic because there is stress involved with the separation itself and you have to start thinking about how to split these assets up & how to finalise things…

This can often become a complicated process, especially if there are a lot of assets or children involved.
The most important thing after a separation has taken place is to seek legal advice as early in the process as possible because the sooner you’re aware of your rights and obligations, the sooner you’re going to be able to take steps to formalise matters between you and your former partner.


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