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Same Sex Couples

A same-sex couple has traditionally faced discrimination in the legal recognition of their relationships. This significantly affected their financial and parental rights, and the ability to enforce those rights at law.


The good news for same-sex couples is that this is gradually changing. Although same-sex marriages are not yet recognised, changes to commonwealth and state laws finally give couples the rights as if they were married.

You have the same rights as a de facto couple under the Family Law Act.   Click here to learn more

For example, in the event that you separate from your partner you may now be entitled to a share of your former partner’s superannuation or to ask the court for child support. You can also obtain an order against domestic violence if you need one. State laws preserve some of these rights if you separated before the new laws came into effect.

At Family Law, our team is highly experienced in dealing with the particular challenges that same-sex couples face with regard to family law and legal recognition of their relationships. We can explain all your legal rights, entitlements and responsibilities, and advise you of all your options with honesty, sensitivity and tact regardless of whether you’ve recently entered into a relationship, or have just split up from an existing relationship.

If you would like to read the relevant sections of the legislation in regard to Divorce Property Settlement please go to the Family Law Act.

Please reference Sections 90R & 90 S.

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