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Brisbane Family Law Blog

Domestic Violence Is Now Part Of Our Criminal Code

Domestic Violence whether the perpetrator is male or female, directed against a partner or in the worst scenario against children, in any form is not acceptable in our community. Has...

By aylwardgame Jan 17, 2022 Domestic Violence

What about the kids? Family Law, Vaccinations & COVID 19

With the current COVID pandemic entering its third year, unsurprisingly this leads to a number of family law cases that include COVID or the issues that arise from it as...

By Aylward Game Jan 14, 2022 Covid Update

When can a child decide where they live?

We regularly get asked by clients when their child can decide where they will live and who they will live with. There is no set age at which the Court...

By aylwardgame Jan 11, 2022 Child Support

Family Law Christmas Tips

In our last update, we looked at some suggestions on how to survive if your family has already suffered a breakdown. For many people whose family is under pressure the...

By Aylward Game Dec 8, 2021 Christmas Tips

Is Coercive Control Going To Become A Criminal Offence In Queensland?

Coercive control is a form of domestic violence in which a perpetrator uses behaviours that dominate and control their victim. Some common examples of coercive control are isolating a person...


Domestic Violence and Family Law

The issues of domestic violence in the family breakdown are complicated and require detailed consideration. In this short piece, we can only give a very brief overview. (Domestic Violence Lawyers)...

By aylwardgame Nov 19, 2021 Domestic Violence

Why Do I Have To Provide All My Financial Details To My Ex?

If you are in the position of having to deal with the Family Law system or the Family Law courts, you may already have been told that you need to...


National Contravention List: What if Family Court Orders are not followed?

It is a common question that we get asked, what happens if Family Court Orders are not followed? It can be a complicated situation, there can be a lot of...

By Aylward Game Oct 6, 2021 Courts

Will It Be Shared Care Of My Children If I Separate?

A very important consideration for anyone with children who is facing separation from their spouse or partner is what arrangements will be put in place for any children of the...

By aylwardgame Sep 28, 2021 Child Support

Do Parents Always Get Equal Time In Parenting?

When parents separate, it’s 50/50 shared care for the children, isn’t it? When parents separate, the arrangements that are then made for the children can be very different from case...

By Aylward Game Sep 22, 2021 CHILD SAFETY