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Family Law Grandparents Rights. Grandparents can be Grand Parents too!

A recent appeal in the Family Court brought to mind a recent case in which we were successful in obtaining orders for 3 young children to reside with their paternal grandparents.

In the Family Court decision the child had been residing with his grandmother. The Full Court overturned an order for the child to then reside with his father. The father was initially successful with an application for the child to reside with him but the decision was overturned by an appeal to the Full Court. This matter has been sent for re hearing.

In the case in which we were involved also dealt with 3 young grandchildren. The father was undergoing drug rehabilitation and the mother did not have the parenting skills to raise the children. The grandparents were successful in seeking that the children reside with them.

The grandparents were young enough to take on the responsibility of parenting. The decision was considered to be in the children’s best interests. It was clear that the Family Law Grandparents Rights would do everything to ensure that the grandchildren did not lose their close association with their parents.

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