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Getting a Divorce? 5 Tips On Telling the Kids

Getting a Divorce? 5 Tips On Telling the Kids

Getting a Divorce? 5 Tips On Telling the Kids

Getting divorced is tough enough in so many ways, but it’s made infinitely harder when children are involved.

How do you announce to the kids that Mum and Dad are splitting up?

No matter what age the children are, there’s no easy way of telling the children, but here are a few tips to make the process a little easier.

#1 – Do It Together

In some circumstances maybe this isn’t a likely possibility, but making the announcement with both parents present at least helps relieve some confusion and doubt. The difficult part is being able to break the news without bickering with each other in the process, if the separation is less than amicable.

#2 – Choose the Right Time

You want to pick a time when everyone is present. It can be hard enough explaining this once, let alone multiple times over. You also want to make sure it’s a time when both you and your ex partner are calm and as relaxed as possible. After all, you want to keep this as stress-free for the kids as can make it.

#3 – Plan What You’ll Say In Advance

While neither of you want to sound like you’re reading from a script, having it clear in your mind beforehand about what you want to say, and how you’ll present it, will make the news that much easier to deliver in the best possible wording.

#4 – Be Open To Fielding Questions

The questions you’re likely to get will be varied depending on the ages of the children, but invariably you will get some, so be prepared with your answers. As it’ll take some time for the news to sink in, most questions are likely to happen over the coming days and weeks after you make the announcement. Always be open to answering them openly and honestly.

Getting a Divorce? 5 Tips On Telling the Kids

#5 – Don’t Blame Each Other

Rarely is it ever only one person at fault for a relationship breakdown, and it offers no positive value to the children at all for them to be subjected to hearing their beloved parents blaming each other for what went wrong. It’s best to keep stuff like that between yourselves and not subject the kids to it.

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