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The Southbank Small Business Showcase 2016

The Southbank Small Business Showcase 2016

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks and had the recent opportunity to attend the Business Southbank Showcase for our 5th consecutive year. We’ve taken a couple of minutes to ask Charles Noble about the event.

  1. how long have you been attending BSB events?

We have been to all of the Showcase events since they began in 2011.

For the first three years the event was held at the Brisbane Convention Centre.  For the following two years until last year the event was held at the Greek Club.

This last Showcase at the Southbank TAFE seemed the busiest and it seems that stall holders are more prepared for the event and are looking for business crossover now more than ever.

  1. what appeals to you most about these events

The event is a really good opportunity to meet with other local businesses some new and some well known to us.  It means that at least once a year we catch up with business acquaintances and touch base regarding business initiatives and gives an opportunity to see if we can help grow our business through transacting with others.

It is a great opportunity to show what we do and get in front of potential new clients or form new collaborative ventures with other businesses.


  1. how do you most effectively network with others at these events?

We find that the most important method of “networking” is asking people about their business and listening to what they have to say.  It is definitely great to spruik our business however if you listen to other business owners you get an understanding of what they do and how you can benefit each other.

Then it is always best to follow up with emails and other regular contacts to stay on the minds of other business owners.  If they are thinking about you then they will have you in mind if ever a referral comes up.

  1. what prize did you offer? who won it?

This year instead of just handing our Ferrero Rocher chocolates we had a giveaway for those who attended our stall of a Waterman fountain pen.  It was a lovely pen and many were interested in the pen.

I’d like to say that all of the people came to talk with our charismatic staff but that just wouldn’t be true.  The pen was a big draw card.



  1. why would you consider attending this event in the future?

I think we will try and attend in the future as networking is becoming an integral part of generating new business and maintaining existing relationships with other businesses.

The format is great fun and it continues to be an event we all look forward to attending as it approaches each year.

For more information about Business Southbank Click Here.

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