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Divorce Property Settlement and Child Custody

Divorce Property Settlement and Child Custody

Divorce Property Settlement and Child Custody

Settlement of family law issues after separation deals with the most basic and raw emotions. Putting one’s life and that of your family into documents and letters is a process which can make a person feel empty and emotional.

Divorce Property Settlement and Child Custody are often at the front of mind for those facing separation or divorce.


Collaborative practice is one way in which separated parties can resolve issues quite quickly. The first meeting can be a little uneasy but once the process is explained to everyone and being able to talk things out and express your points of view with your collaborative practitioner with you makes the process much easier. Collaborative practice allows parties to talk without just being a person on a page of a document. Professionals such as counsellors and accountants can also be included who can assist in working through issues and help reach a resolution. At collaborative practice meetings if you feel you are unable or uneasy about putting your point of view across then your collaborative lawyer will help you and be by your side every step of the way.

Today’s world of electronic communication can be impersonal and dealing with issues that affect you and your family’s future in this way is not always the best way for resolution. It is always easy to criticise and argue when it’s written on a page or screen. Dealing face to face can be difficult but usually brings out the truth and helps people realise the consequences of their actions. Collaborative practice is a very good way to finalise financial and children’s issues after a break up in your relationship.

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