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What happens to assets such as the family home during separation and divorce?

Category: Domestic Violence

Divorce Domestic Violence October 1, 2018

How To Serve Divorce Papers On Your Spouse

Nothing about going through a separation and divorce is going to be easy, not matter how amicable the break up might be. Even the act of handing over the divorce application papers can be a tough moment, as it makes it seem that much more official; a fact made even tougher if the person on

My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Children

Separation and divorce is a stressful and very confusing period of life. Stress levels are exacerbated even further when children are involved. Many marriages and de facto relationships that break down will have children in the equation, and it certainly makes a clean separation that much more complicated. And divorce is difficult enough without one

Domestic Violence April 12, 2018

Tell Tale Signs Someone You Know Is Suffering Domestic Violence

Sometimes evidence of domestic violence is obvious, but that’s not always the case. Then there’s the issue of emotional abuse as well. Physical injuries can heal, but often it takes a lot longer to heal the emotional damage caused in these unfortunate situations. Emotional scarring can potentially be a lot more damaging than physical bruising

Limits of hair follicle drug testing in Family Law proceedings

Drug use by a parent is often alleged in Family Law parenting proceedings, typically in the context of one parent calling into question the ability of the other parent to provide appropriate care for the child/children. Where drug use is alleged by one or both parents, a Court will often seek some independent evidence to

What is your best alternative to Court if you and your former partner don’t agree on children or property issues?

Chief Justice of the Family court of Australia, Judge Diana Bryant says “I think the system is letting people down” In an article published by Robyn Powell of the ABC on 1 May 2017 our head Judge of the Family Court says “ I think the system is letting people down” and Bryant J sets

Domestic Violence August 5, 2016

Is it Domestic Violence? How do you know and what should you do? PART 2

In PART 1 we discussed that you think the abuse you are subjected to in your domestic relationship amounts to domestic violence and now you know that fast effective help can be sought through the Magistrates Court with or without the help of the Police. Our last blog post set out that it is important for

Domestic Violence August 3, 2016

Is it Domestic Violence? How do you know and what should you do? PART 1

Is the abuse you receive in your relationship considered Domestic Violence? How do you know and what should you do? It is clear from the enquiries we receive from our client’s that in most cases they are not sure if what they are subjected to by a partner or other actually amounts to domestic violence. Section

The Changing Face of Domestic Violence in Australia

Good on you Bettina Arndt Setting out the true facts in regard to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Bettina wrote in the Weekend Australia dated 09/10 July 2016, “for years now all the key players in our well – orchestrated domestic violence sector have been singing from the same page, happily accepting government funds to promote the idea that

Domestic Violence November 16, 2015

Men are often the victims of domestic violence, says Bettina Arndt

Check out a recent discussion about gender equality regarding domestic violence. Comments from Mr. Ian Field: Good on you Bettina . It’s about time someone stood up and presented the true facts about domestic violence. Bettina Arndt wrote a very thoughtful article on domestic violence in the Weekend Australian, in the Inquirer section of the

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