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Domestic Violence and Family Violence

Domestic Violence and Family Violence

Domestic Violence and Family Violence Family Law AttorneyFamily violence is not acceptable under any circumstances and can include threatening or intimidating behavior by a person that coerces or controls a member of the persons family or causes a family member to be fearful.

This can be in the form of physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse.

Examples would include:

  • Stalking a previous partner
  • Taunting or speaking of someone in derogatory manner
  • Damaging a previous partner’s property
  • Causing harm to the children or a former partner’s pet
  • Withholding monies causing distress to a family member
  • Limiting the freedom of a family member to socialise with friends, associates and other family members

It extends to children who observe or are exposed to Domestic Violence in their own family. The new definition has a very wide application and is not limited to actual physical assault. It is a guiding principle of family law that children should have a meaningful relationship with both of their parents. The protection of children from physical or psychological harm is a major concern when determining the parenting of children.

For further reference view the Best Practice Principles on the Family Court website.

If you are fearful or concerned you should contact the Queensland Police or seek legal advice as soon as possible with Family Law on 1800 217 217.

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