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Author: aylwardgame

Domestic Violence Is Now Part Of Our Criminal Code

Domestic Violence whether the perpetrator is male or female, directed against a partner or in the worst scenario against children, in any form is not acceptable in our community. Has...

By aylwardgame Jan 17, 2022 Domestic Violence

When can a child decide where they live?

We regularly get asked by clients when their child can decide where they will live and who they will live with. There is no set age at which the Court...

By aylwardgame Jan 11, 2022 Child Support

Is Coercive Control Going To Become A Criminal Offence In Queensland?

Coercive control is a form of domestic violence in which a perpetrator uses behaviours that dominate and control their victim. Some common examples of coercive control are isolating a person...


Domestic Violence and Family Law

The issues of domestic violence in the family breakdown are complicated and require detailed consideration. In this short piece, we can only give a very brief overview. (Domestic Violence Lawyers)...

By aylwardgame Nov 19, 2021 Domestic Violence

Will It Be Shared Care Of My Children If I Separate?

A very important consideration for anyone with children who is facing separation from their spouse or partner is what arrangements will be put in place for any children of the...

By aylwardgame Sep 28, 2021 Child Support

How Do I Obtain a Divorce Application in QLD?

The process of getting divorced is the same across Australia, as marriage and divorce are Federal responsibilities. So whether you are in Queensland or elsewhere around the country, the procedure...

By aylwardgame Aug 25, 2021 Divorce

Updates to Mediation And Exemptions In New Family Court

From 1st September 2021, the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court will merge and become one court. All applications for orders under the Family Law Act will be made...

By aylwardgame Aug 19, 2021 Family Law Courts

Lockdown: Are the Family Law Courts in Brisbane keeping up with COVID crisis?

The Family Law Courts are busy places at the best of times, with often long delays until cases get to trial, and a decision is published. The COVID lockdowns certainly...

By aylwardgame Aug 11, 2021 Covid Update

Are All Family Law Property Settlements Split 50/50?

In the situation of a family breakdown, how to share the assets and liabilities of the family is often a question that people want to answer as soon as possible...

By aylwardgame Aug 11, 2021 Property Law

Remote Mediation Becoming The ‘New Normal’ During Covid

Whilst there might be many different features of our lives that are affected by COVID and the lockdowns, and other restrictions that have followed, one constant is that sometimes relationships...

By aylwardgame Aug 5, 2021 Covid Update