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Category: Child Custody

Making Child Arrangements if You Divorce or Separate

Divorce and separation are emotionally charged and complex experiences, especially when children are involved. Ensuring the best interests of your children is paramount, and in Australia, a robust legal framework...

By Aylward Game Oct 27, 2023 Child Custody

Can a child become a party to Family law Proceedings in Australia?

In brief, the answer to this question is yes, in Australia, a child can become a party to family law proceedings in certain circumstances. Family law matters in Australia are...

By aylwardgame Sep 7, 2023 Child Custody

What Factors Affect Child Custody in Brisbane?

Child custody is a crucial aspect of family law that plays a significant role in determining the well-being and upbringing of children during and after divorce or separation. Understanding the...

By aylwardgame May 17, 2023 Child Custody

How to Prepare for Child Custody Mediation in Brisbane

Child custody mediation is a process where parents in a dispute about the custody of their children come together with a trained mediator to try and come up with a...

By aylwardgame May 15, 2023 Child Custody

Child Custody in Brisbane: A Beginner’s Guide

Child custody is a sensitive issue, and it can be particularly challenging for parents who are separating or divorcing. It is important to understand the legal framework surrounding child custody...

By aylwardgame May 4, 2023 Child Custody

How to Choose the Right Child Custody Lawyer in Brisbane

When it comes to child custody battles, choosing the right lawyer is crucial. The right lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. However, with so...

By aylwardgame Apr 27, 2023 Child Custody

Child Custody and Domestic Violence in Brisbane: What You Need to Know

Domestic violence is a significant issue that affects many families in Brisbane. Unfortunately, this issue can become even more complicated when child custody is involved. In this article, we'll discuss...

By aylwardgame Apr 25, 2023 Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyers Brisbane: The Pros and Cons of Selecting a Local Lawyer

When a marriage or relationship breaks down, a court will typically order a parenting plan or arrangement to determine the future of any children that are involved. Child custody is...

By aylwardgame Mar 21, 2023 Child Custody

Court-ordered Drug Test For The Child Custody Case

Drug addiction is always harmful. It is not wise to take drugs, and when it comes to parenting a good parent will never do such a thing. But in the...

By Aylward Game Oct 15, 2020 Child Custody

Child Custody Law in Australia

The divorce has a direct effect on children. They have to live with either one of them. When the parents are together, they raise their children with combined efforts. And...

By Aylward Game Sep 1, 2020 Child Custody