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Relationship Counselling in Family Law

Relationship Counselling in Family Law

Relationship Counselling in Family Law

Counselling can be of a great benefit in resolving problems arising from a breakdown in your relationship.  There are qualified counsellors in private practice as well as in government and community based organisations.

Relationship Counselling in Family Law is often looked upon favorably.

Counselling works best if you and your partner attend counselling sessions of your own free will.

If you find difficulty in resolving the parenting arrangements for the children after a breakdown in your relationship then the Family Court requires that you attend on counselling or mediation prior to raising these matters in any Court proceedings.  The Federal Government has established Family Relationship Centres for this purpose.  There are no charges for attending at these Centres.

Counselling may be of assistance to enable you to maintain your relationship.  If however this is not possible counselling will be helpful in resolving emotional issues resulting from the separation.

Do you agree with this?  Are there any others you believe should be considered?

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