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Shared Parental Responsibility

Shared Parental Responsibility

Shared Parental Responsibility

The Family law act describes that parents are to make the major decision in relation to children together (once they’ve been separated). So the major long-term decision, such as health decisions, schooling decisions, and the religious decision is to be made by parents jointly – pursuant to their equal share parental responsibilities under the Family law act.

So unless something significant has happened (which means that it’s inappropriate for parents to consult with each other about those major long-term issues), it’s appropriate for those decision to be made together.

Our role as a solicitor, can be to help guide you through that process and facilitating a relationship between you and your former partner to have those decisions made in a way that you’re not exposed to the other party directly; but can still communicate with them, in order to reach an outcome on those decision and to make decisions that are in the best interests of the children.

So it’s important to seek legal advice when you separate from your partner. When there’s children involved (so that you’re aware of your rights and your legal obligations and to ensure that you’re doing things, that are in the best interests of the children and still consulting with your former partner about major decisions).

Don’t forget, they are a parent too and it’s important to have a co-parenting relationship if that’s possible; because (generally speaking) that’s going to help the children.

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