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What is Equal Shared Parental Responsibility?

What is Equal Shared Parental Responsibility?

What is Equal Shared Parental Responsibility?

When we are dealing with family law cases in which there is a disagreement between parents as to the appropriate parenting arrangements for a child or children, there is often confusion about the term “Equal Shared Parental Responsibility”. This is a legal concept and something that the Court is obliged to consider when making orders about parenting arrangements for children.

equal shared parental responsibilityEqual Shared Parental Responsibility

We frequently find that parties in this situation assume that equal shared parental responsibility means that children must spend equal time with each parent. This is not the case.

Equal Shared Parental Responsibility means that both parents must agree on the big decisions that need to be made about children. These are things like which school the child should attend, what religion the child should follow, the child’s name, application for a passport and to some extent where the child should live.

Court Orders

The Court can make orders to regulate how parental responsibility is exercised, and the Court can also remove parental responsibility from parents, as well as give parental responsibility to other people who are not parents of a child.

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