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Navigating the Impact of Drug and Alcohol Use on Family Court Proceedings: A Guide by Aylward Game Solicitors

Family court proceedings are often emotionally charged and complex, but when drug and alcohol use becomes a factor in these cases, the stakes are raised even higher. Aylward Game Solicitors,...


Family Violence in the Family Court: The Family Law System’s Approach

Family violence is a pervasive issue that affects countless families across the globe, including here in Brisbane, Australia. In the context of the Family Court, where disputes and legal matters...


How Your Social Media Presence Can Impact Your Family Law Case: A Thoughtful Guide

In the age of digital connectivity, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow us to stay connected with friends,...


How to Attend the Family Court in Australia?

After you are done with legal documents you can attend the family court. Do you know the family court process in Australia? What do you do after getting a date...


Domestic Violence and Family Law

The issues of domestic violence in the family breakdown are complicated and require detailed consideration. In this short piece, we can only give a very brief overview. (Domestic Violence Lawyers)...


National Contravention List: What if Family Court Orders are not followed?

It is a common question that we get asked, what happens if Family Court Orders are not followed? It can be a complicated situation, there can be a lot of...

By Aylward Game Oct 6, 2021 Courts

Family Law Mediation – Most Have Heard Of It, But What Is It? And Is It The Right Way To Go?

If you have a family law Mediation dispute or disagreement, there can be a confusing array of pathways forward, and it can be difficult to work out the best way...


How Do I Obtain a Divorce Application in QLD?

The process of getting divorced is the same across Australia, as marriage and divorce are Federal responsibilities. So whether you are in Queensland or elsewhere around the country, the procedure...

By aylwardgame Aug 25, 2021 Divorce

Updates to Mediation And Exemptions In New Family Court

From 1st September 2021, the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court will merge and become one court. All applications for orders under the Family Law Act will be made...


Update on Family Court and Federal Circuit Court Merger

From 1st September 2021, the 2 courts that deal with family law cases in Australia will merge and will be known as the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia....