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Why Mediation Is a Far Better Option Than Going To Court

Why Mediation Is a Far Better Option Than Going To Court
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  • May 16, 2018

Why Mediation Is a Far Better Option Than Going To Court

Mediation is all about trying to reach a resolution between two opposing parties without the need to take the matter to court. There can be many circumstances in life where expert mediation is helpful, and we’ll cover a select few of those in this post.

Mediation definitely has its advantages, so let’s briefly cover just some of the many benefits of the mediation process.

Court Proceedings Are Expensive

If you go through a process that can be long and drawn out, such as a divorce, then letting every single negotiation be decided by the court system is going to cost you a pretty penny. Not only will there be fees every time your solicitor has to appear in court, there are also court costs as well. If a divorce drags on for months before a resolution is reached, it will be a major drain on your finances. And that’s provided you actually have the money on hand to start with. You may even have to borrow to cover the expenses, so not a great scenario.

On the other hand, with professional mediation services conducted through a solicitor experienced with mediation, an agreement will likely be reached far sooner, costing way less than a protracted courtroom drama.

Mediation Is Far Less Formal and Intimidating

The idea of having a mediator is to choose someone who is totally unbiased. As an example, if you are parting ways with your former significant other and you want to negotiate a parenting plan with regards to the children, then finding a mediator that both parents are comfortable with is paramount.

A mediator is not meant to take sides. Their role is to guide negotiations along a pathway that is both amicable and ultimately beneficial to everyone involved.

The process is far more relaxed and way less formal than any proceedings that wind up in the courtroom are going to be. There’s no harsh judge hammering down the gavel, or that overriding sense of foreboding like you’re in some sort of major legal trouble. Mediation tends to be far more relaxed with a focus on achieving positive outcomes.

Identify Conflicts and Devise Solutions

Your professional mediator will identify any areas of conflict or dispute between the two parties, help determine why the dispute exists, and work with each party to arrive at a satisfactory solution.

Your mediator does not make decisions. Their role is to help opposing parties come to a mutual agreement where they make the final decisions.

One of the main goals of the mediator is to help keep the dispute out of the courtroom, saving everyone the added stress and obvious expense.

Mediation can assist with:

  • Child custody disputes
  • Parenting agreements
  • Division of assets
  • And much more…

It’s a cost-effective and far more preferable option to going to court.

Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Mediation

In the Brisbane area, call in the experts from Aylward Game Solicitors. For many years we have been offering highly successful mediation services, saving you time, money and stress.

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