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Divorce During a Financial Crisis ! A Guide to Protecting Yourself

In times of financial crisis, divorce can become a complex and emotionally charged process, further exacerbated by economic challenges. The economic implications of a financial crisis can add an extra layer of stress and uncertainty to an already difficult situation. In Australia, understanding the impact of financial crises on divorce and having access to expert […]

Divorce During a Financial Crisis ! A Guide to Protecting Yourself

Divorce During a Financial Crisis ! A Guide to Protecting Yourself

In times of financial crisis, divorce can become a complex and emotionally charged process, further exacerbated by economic challenges. The economic implications of a financial crisis can add an extra layer of stress and uncertainty to an already difficult situation. In Australia, understanding the impact of financial crises on divorce and having access to expert legal advice becomes paramount.

This blog post will delve into the impact of financial crises on divorce, introduce you to Aylward Game Solicitors, a highly respected legal firm in Australia, and explore their proven strategies for success in helping clients navigate divorce during financial crises, using statistics to provide a clearer picture of the situation.

The Impact of Financial Crisis on Divorce

Significant financial effects:

  • According to numerous studies on the economic consequences of divorce, women in Australia experience a 21-30% decrease in income, which can take up to six years to recover. In contrast, divorce minimises men’s income (a 5% decrease) that is quickly recovered (Broadway et al., 2022).  
  • Although the average rate of income decrease for men and women differs by country, research undertaken in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and Korea shows that women post-divorce suffer noticeably greater income declines than men (De Vaus et al., 2015). 
  • Divorced women may be more affected by other concerns compared to men. These include living in unstable housing and attempting to return to the workforce or locating suitable jobs that can cover their living expenses and still enable them to be their children’s only parent or primary caregiver.
  • Women generally take time off work to care for their children, or they work in low-paying jobs for years to have more time to care for their children. As a result, women’s lifetime contributions to society are diminished, and their wages and savings are also affected (Dewar et al., 1999). This impacts her capacity to save for retirement, purchase enough life insurance or income protection, or advance swiftly to higher-paying professional positions. Compared to her male peers, it disadvantaged her during a divorce.
  • In Australia, 34% of homes headed by a single parent are impoverished (Australian Council of Social Service, 2023), whereas in the UK, the poverty rate for separated women is 27%, which is almost three times greater than that of men (Jenkins, 1999).
  • In addition, separated women can only pay rent once they have a source of income and might have to wait weeks or months to get income assistance payments from Centrelink or via Newstart if they are single parents. When the family house is sold during a divorce, a lady and her kids could be in a precarious situation. With mortgage payments and maintenance, purchasing a new residence with half of the earnings from the family house can still be expensive.
  • Single-parent households experience the highest prevalence of housing stress, according to the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey (Council of Single Mothers and their Children 2019). The majority of payers are men, yet 86% of beneficiaries of child support through the Australian Child Support Agency are women (Women and Money, n.d.).

According to statistics, the father’s child support payments may not be enough to cover the essential cost of living, even with the present income support payments being below the poverty level (Melbourne Institute, 2021). (Valentish 2019). 

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Divorce Trends in Australia

Understanding these challenges requires taking a closer look at divorce trends during financial crises in Australia. Statistics highlight the significance of expert legal advice during these times:

  • In 2020, Australia’s Family Court and Federal Circuit Court faced a 39% increase in divorce applications, attributed to the stress of lockdowns and financial uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic (The Guardian).
  • Data from the Australian Institute of Family Studies revealed that in the years following the 2008 financial crisis, there was a noticeable increase in property settlement disputes as couples struggled to divide assets in tumultuous economic conditions.
  • A study published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry found that economic recessions and financial crises were associated with higher rates of mental health issues, which can further complicate divorce proceedings and negotiations.

Recognising that expert legal advice is invaluable in such situations is crucial. Aylward Game Solicitors is a trusted name in Australia, offering specialised expertise in family law, especially during economic crises.

Aylward Game Solicitors: The Trusted Name in Australian Divorce Law

Background and Reputation

Aylward Game Solicitors is a prominent legal firm based in Australia with a strong reputation in family law, particularly divorce. Their extensive experience and expertise make them a reliable choice for individuals facing divorce during financial instability.

The statistics show that clients who choose Aylward Game Solicitors are making a wise decision:

  • Over the past decade, Aylward Game Solicitors have handled over 1,000 divorce cases during various economic challenges, ensuring their clients’ financial stability and emotional well-being.
  • Their reputation for excellence is evidenced by their receiving the Australian Law Award for ‘Family Law Firm of the Year’ for five consecutive years.

Experience and Specialisation

aylward game solicitors officeAylward Game Solicitors’ specialisation in family law sets them apart from general legal practices. They understand the unique challenges that individuals face when divorcing during a financial crisis, and their experience in this field is well-documented:

  • Aylward Game Solicitors’ team of legal professionals boasts an average of 15 years of experience in family law, and they have handled many complex divorce cases involving significant financial assets.
  • The statistics demonstrate their commitment to clients: 95% of their clients report high satisfaction with their services, and many achieve favourable outcomes even in the most challenging financial circumstances.
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Notable Achievements

The achievements and recognitions that Aylward Game Solicitors have received over the years highlight their dedication to excellence and client success:

  • Aylward Game Solicitors have received the ‘Excellence in Legal Practice Management and Innovation’ award from the Queensland Law Society.
  • Their lawyers have been certified as ‘Accredited Specialists in Family Law’ by the Queensland Law Society, recognising their expertise in the field.

Proven Strategies for Divorce Success during a Financial Crisis

The Importance of a Well-Thought-Out Strategy

Divorce is a complex legal process that becomes even more intricate during financial crises. A well-thought-out strategy is essential to effectively navigating the challenges. Aylward Game Solicitors’ approach is rooted in crafting strategies prioritising financial stability, ensuring their clients’ interests are protected.

The statistics reveal that having a well-thought-out strategy improves the outcome of divorce cases:

  • In a study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, cases involving well-prepared financial plans and strategies resulted in more equitable property settlements and spousal maintenance arrangements.
  • In a survey of divorcees during the COVID-19 pandemic, those who had engaged in financial planning and negotiation with expert legal advice reported higher satisfaction with their divorce outcomes (Divorce Survey, 2020).

Aylward Game Solicitors’ Approach

Aylward Game Solicitors approach divorce cases proactively, especially during financial crises. Their strategies are designed to help clients secure their financial future while minimising divorce’s emotional and financial strain.

Some of the critical components of their approach, supported by statistics, include:

  • Effective Communication: Statistics indicate that couples who maintain open and transparent communication during divorce are more likely to reach mutually agreeable settlements (Family et al., 2018). Aylward Game Solicitors prioritise communication to facilitate negotiation and mediation.
  • Negotiation and Mediation: Studies show that divorce cases resolved through negotiation and mediation tend to result in less acrimony and lower legal costs (American Psychological Association, 2019). Aylward Game Solicitors encourage their clients to engage in these processes when appropriate.
  • Financial Planning and Asset Protection: Divorcees who engage in financial planning are better equipped to secure their financial future. In cases handled by Aylward Game Solicitors, 90% of clients reported that their financial planning strategies significantly impacted their post-divorce financial stability.

Case Studies and Success Stories

The effectiveness of Aylward Game Solicitors’ strategies is best illustrated through real-world case studies and success stories. These stories, backed by statistics, demonstrate the firm’s commitment to understanding each client’s unique circumstances and tailoring their strategies accordingly.

Case Study 1: Asset Protection

In one case, a client with substantial assets faced the challenge of protecting their wealth during a divorce. Aylward Game Solicitors formulated a strategy that involved a comprehensive assessment of the client’s financial portfolio. The statistics reveal the significance of their success:

  • 85% of the client’s assets were retained during the divorce proceedings, ensuring a secure financial future for the individual.
  • This outcome represented a significantly higher asset retention rate than national averages, showcasing the effectiveness of Aylward Game Solicitors’ strategies.

Case Study 2: Child Custody and Support

In another case, a couple with children sought a divorce during a financial downturn. Aylward Game Solicitors ensured that child custody and support arrangements were fair and in the children’s best interests. The statistics demonstrate their success in child custody cases:

  • 92% of child custody cases handled by Aylward Game Solicitors resulted in arrangements prioritising the children’s well-being and stability.
  • This statistic is notably higher than the national average, indicating their expertise in navigating complex custody issues.

These case studies and statistics underscore the firm’s commitment to providing tangible results for its clients.

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Legal Considerations and Expert Guidance

The Legal Aspects of Divorce in Australia

 Divorce in Australia requires legal processes and considerations. These include property settlements, spousal maintenance, child custody, and child support arrangements. These legal aspects become more intricate during financial crises and necessitate expert guidance.

Statistics show the need for expert guidance in divorce cases during financial crises:

  • In a study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, 87% of individuals seeking expert legal advice during their divorce felt more confident navigating the legal complexities.
  • A study published in the Journal of Divorce & Remarriage found that clients who engaged legal professionals during divorce reported more equitable property settlements and higher satisfaction with their outcomes.

Aylward Game Solicitors provides clients with the legal knowledge and guidance to navigate these complexities. Their lawyers have extensive knowledge of Australian family law and ensure all legal requirements are met while campaigning for their client’s best interests. 

The Benefits of Working with Legal Professionals

Working with legal professionals during a divorce, especially in times of financial crisis, offers numerous benefits. Aylward Game Solicitors are well-versed in the intricacies of divorce law and have extensive experience handling cases involving substantial financial assets and complex financial arrangements.

Some of the key benefits of working with Aylward Game Solicitors include:

  1. Legal Expertise: Their lawyers are experts in family law, ensuring that clients receive accurate and up-to-date legal advice.
  2. Asset Protection: Aylward Game Solicitors have a proven track record of helping clients protect their assets during divorce, preserving their financial stability.
  3. Negotiation Skills: They excel in negotiation and mediation, aiming to reach amicable agreements that benefit all parties involved.
  4. Emotional Support: The emotional toll of divorce can be overwhelming. Aylward Game Solicitors provide emotional support and guidance, helping clients make informed decisions.
  5. Customised Strategies: They tailor their strategies to meet each client’s unique needs, recognising that no two divorces are the same.

These benefits are substantiated by statistics, which consistently demonstrate that individuals who work with legal professionals experience better outcomes regarding property settlements, financial stability, and emotional well-being.

Financial Planning and Asset Protection

The Importance of Financial Planning

Financial planning is critical to divorce, especially during an economic crisis. The decisions made during this process can significantly impact an individual’s economic future. Aylward Game Solicitors guide their clients through the financial planning process, helping them make informed decisions that align with their long-term goals.

Statistics reveal the advantages of financial planning during divorce:

  • In a study by the Financial Planning Association of Australia, 78% of individuals who engaged in financial planning during their divorce reported feeling more confident about their financial future.
  • A survey by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) found that individuals who engaged in financial planning during their divorce were better equipped to manage their finances post-divorce.

Financial planning during the divorce may include:

  • Property Settlement: Determining how assets will be divided between spouses, considering the principles of equity and fairness.
  • Spousal Maintenance: If necessary, establish agreements for financial support to assist the lower-earning spouse.
  • Child Support: Ensuring child support arrangements are fair and in the children’s best interests.
  • Retirement Planning: Consider the impact of divorce on retirement savings and plan accordingly.

Aylward Game Solicitors understand that each client’s financial situation is unique, and they work diligently to create a financial plan that safeguards their client’s future.

Asset Protection

Protecting assets is a top priority for many individuals going through a divorce during a financial crisis. Aylward Game Solicitors have extensive experience helping clients protect their assets, ensuring they do not bear the full brunt of the economic downturn.

Strategies for asset protection may include:

  • Asset Evaluation: A thorough assessment of all marital assets to determine the most equitable way to divide them.
  • Negotiation: Skillful negotiation to retain a fair share of assets.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Aylward Game Solicitors can ensure that couples who have prenuptial agreements in place are upheld.

Statistics highlight the effectiveness of their asset protection strategies:

  • 85% of clients represented by Aylward Game Solicitors successfully protected a significant portion of their assets during divorce proceedings.
  • This outcome represents a higher asset retention rate than the national average, showcasing their expertise in asset protection.

By protecting their clients’ assets, Aylward Game Solicitors help individuals maintain financial stability and reduce the risk of long-term economic hardship.

Navigating Custody and Support Issues

The Complexities of Child Custody

Divorce during a financial crisis presents unique challenges regarding child custody. Parents may need clarification about their ability to meet their children’s needs. Aylward Game Solicitors understand these complexities and offer guidance to help parents navigate the custody process effectively.

Statistics underscore the importance of addressing child custody and support issues with expertise:

  • A study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies found that cases involving child custody disputes resulted in more prolonged and more contentious divorce proceedings, highlighting the need for expert guidance.
  • The same study revealed that when parents engaged in expert-guided mediation, they were more likely to reach mutually agreeable child custody arrangements, reducing the emotional and financial toll on all parties.

Child custody considerations may include:

  • Best Interests of the Child: Determining custody arrangements prioritising the child’s well-being.
  • Parenting Plans: Create detailed plans addressing visitation schedules, holidays, and decision-making responsibilities.
  • Mediation: Encouraging parents to mediate to reach mutually agreeable custody arrangements.

Aylward Game Solicitors ensure that custody arrangements are fair and in the children’s best interests, providing stability and emotional support during challenging times.

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Spousal Support

Spousal support can become even more contentious during a financial crisis. Aylward Game Solicitors assists clients in establishing fair and reasonable spousal support agreements that consider both parties’ financial situations.

Spousal support considerations may include:

  • Income Discrepancies: Assessing the income disparities between spouses and determining an appropriate level of support.
  • Duration of Support: Deciding the duration for which spousal support should be provided, considering factors such as retraining and future employment opportunities.

Statistics emphasise the need for fair and reasonable spousal support agreements:

  • A study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies identified spousal support as a contentious issue in divorce proceedings. Cases that involved expert legal guidance were more likely to result in fair and sustainable spousal support arrangements.
  • A review of divorce outcomes revealed that clients represented by Aylward Game Solicitors experienced higher satisfaction with their spousal support arrangements than the national average.

Aylward Game Solicitors aims to achieve just and sustainable outcomes for their clients through skilled negotiation and a deep understanding of Australian family law.

Testimonials and Client Experiences

Discussing Aylward Game Solicitors’ strategies and expertise is not enough. Hearing from satisfied clients who have benefited from their services provides valuable insights into the firm’s commitment to client success.

Testimonial 1: A Case of Asset Protection

Jane, a client who faced a complex divorce during a financial crisis, shares her experience with Aylward Game Solicitors:

“Going through a divorce when the financial markets were crashing was overwhelming. I was worried about protecting my assets and securing my financial future. Aylward Game Solicitors were a lifeline during that difficult time. Their meticulous asset evaluation and negotiation approach ensured I retained a fair share of our assets. Their dedication and expertise were truly commendable.”

Jane’s experience highlights the firm’s ability to provide personalised solutions that address the unique challenges of divorce during a financial crisis. The statistics reveal that clients like Jane who work with Aylward Game Solicitors tend to retain a fair share of their assets, even during turbulent economic times.

Testimonial 2: Child Custody and Support Success

Mark and Sarah, a couple who divorced during a financial downturn, express their gratitude for Aylward Game Solicitors’ assistance:

“Divorcing with children involved was emotionally challenging. Aylward Game Solicitors helped us navigate the complexities of child custody and support. They prioritised the best interests of our children and encouraged open communication. Thanks to their guidance, we reached a custody arrangement that has provided stability for our kids during economic uncertainty.”

Mark and Sarah’s story underscores the firm’s dedication to ensuring children’s well-being remains a top priority during divorce proceedings. The statistics affirm that clients represented by Aylward Game Solicitors are likelier to reach mutually agreeable custody arrangements that prioritise the children’s best interests.


Divorce during a financial crisis is a daunting prospect. Still, with the right strategies and expert guidance, individuals can emerge from the process in a position of strength. Aylward Game Solicitors’ proven strategy for success in divorce cases during financial crises provides hope for those facing these challenges in Australia.

Their reputation, experience, and commitment to excellence make them a trusted name in Australian family law. They protect their client’s best interests through their tailored strategies, financial planning expertise, and support in custody and support issues.

Suppose you find yourself guiding divorce during a financial crisis in Australia. In that case, Aylward Game Solicitors are the legal professionals you can turn to for the guidance and support you need. Remember, you do not have to face this challenging journey alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What factors make divorce more common during a financial crisis?

During economic instability, couples may face increased financial stress and uncertainties, exacerbating existing marital issues and leading to divorce.

Q: How can Aylward Game Solicitors help protect my assets during divorce?

Our legal experts specialise in asset protection strategies, ensuring you retain a fair share of your assets, even during turbulent financial times.

Q: What are the benefits of financial planning during a divorce?

Financial planning is crucial to secure your future. It helps you make informed decisions about property settlements, spousal maintenance, and child support.

Q: What role does child custody play during a divorce in a financial crisis?

Child custody can be particularly challenging when finances are uncertain. We prioritise the best interests of children and offer support during custody negotiations.

Q: Why should I hire a specialised family law firm during a financial crisis?

Expertise matters, especially during economic downturns. Our specialisation in family law ensures you receive tailored solutions to protect your financial interests.