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How To Protect A Child From Family Violence

How To Protect A Child From Family Violence

How To Protect A Child From Family Violence

The ultimate safeguard – how to protect a child from family violence

A father throws his young daughter off a bridge. The father drives his children into a lake and they drown. A mother without any warning shoots herself and her child. How has this occurred? Why hasn’t the Court protected the children from such harm? This has occurred in Brisbane and is a concern of many divorce lawyers who act for clients with child custody issues.

Risk assessment is now a major part of the Family Court system. The Court has to judge a risk to a child against a child’s right to know both parents.

The basic principle of family law is to allow a child to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. However human behaviour is unpredictable especially if there is no prior history of erratic or violent behaviour or perhaps such behaviour has not been made known to the Court.

There is no ultimate solution in these circumstances. The welfare of a child is paramount and the Family Law Court Brisbane will do everything it can with the information provided to it to ensure that a child is protected from violent behaviour.

If you or anyone you know has concerns such as this we as family lawyers Brisbane are able to assist you and also with any other family law issues that may arise on 1800 217 217 or noble@jamesnoblefamilylaw.com.au

An article by Ian Field a Brisbane Family Law Specialist

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