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Why Divorce Rate in Australia been increasing for years?

Lawyers see a 40% increase Divorce Rate in Australia has been constant for years – but this year it is on the move. Corona divorces have been causing a rush to court since this summer; delays are to be expected. It is no secret to anyone that a considerable percentage of marriages end in divorce […]

Why Divorce Rate in Australia been increasing for years?

Why Divorce Rate in Australia been increasing for years?

Lawyers see a 40% increase Divorce Rate in Australia has been constant for years – but this year it is on the move. Corona divorces have been causing a rush to court since this summer; delays are to be expected. It is no secret to anyone that a considerable percentage of marriages end in divorce Qld. But really, how many marriages end in divorce? Below we publish the rate of divorces according to official data from the last 10 years, and we compare them with other countries.

In our country, in the last decade, the average age at which men marry for the first time has been 35 years, in the case of women, the average age is already 33. Regarding the number of marriages, in Australia, the average for the last decade is about 165,000 marriages a year. Do you want to know how many of them fail? Let’s see why they fail and what percentage of divorces there is in Australia.

According to the latest data published in Australia in 2020, there were 97,960 divorces. Looking at the duration of the marriage, it turns out that there were 240 divorces whose marriage had lasted less than one year. If we expand the time range, there were 1,571 divorces from weddings that had been less than two years old. And if we grow a little more that year, there were 2,782 divorces from couples who had been married for less than 3 years.

Therefore we see that most marriages do not fail in the first years, but naturally, life as a couple can go through difficult times, some factors such as the ones we have mentioned can lead to divorce or love may end.

What percentage of marriages end in divorce?

While the new figures from Statistics Australia  2019 show an around 47% standard for Australia divorce rate, this year it will be exciting: 2020 is already a year of divorce. Summer is an extreme time for a divorce in Brisbane. But this summer we registered an increase in the divorce rate in Australia by another 30 percent.

Social isolation exposed affairs

Estimates that 80 percent of marriages fail because of cheating. “As has been shown, affairs quickly break out during mutual social isolation. Because today a lot of evidence is digital – for example, photos on the cell phone or WhatsApp messages. During the Corona period, some people became careless, practically cheated in front of their partner, and then left their cell phone lying around unlocked.

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Definition and Requirements of a Consensual Divorce Brisbane

A divorce does not have to be a reason for the spouses to part ways in a war of roses. If both spouses want a divorce, and there are no disputes on any other divorce-related issue, a consensual divorce is an option. The term of the consensual divorce is no longer anchored in law, but instead describes certain circumstances that can arise in the context of a typical divorce Qld.

In addition to the general requirements for divorce, such as waiting for the year of separation according to the Australian  Civil Code (exception: lightning divorce), the spouses must agree on the consequences of the divorce in the event of mutual divorce.
Also includes:

  • The custody and access rights for the children
  • The maintenance
  • The dissolution of the household effects
  • The division of property

The consent must be evident from the application for divorce. The appointed divorce lawyer takes care of this and applies it to the competent court.

Why do divorces occur?

No one said marriage was easy, and many factors can lead to failure. From the outset, it isn’t easy to get it right when choosing a person with whom you are going to share the rest of your life. Then there are the circumstances, for example, if economic, health, family problems, mistreatment, or infidelity arise.

As if all this weren’t enough to shake expectations, having children will be the ultimate stress test. Many people do not accept the fact of taking a back seat, or the sacrifices that parenthood implies, or they feel that their partner has changed and is not the same.

Divorce Rate Australia
Increasing Divorce Rate In Australia

Costs and Savings in a Friendly Divorce Brisbane

The typical cost of a divorce consists of legal and court costs. The amount of both fees is based on the so-called procedural value, which depends on the income and assets of the spouses. A general figure is therefore not possible. Court costs are only incurred for the consequences of the divorce, about which the court has to act.

Divorce Rate Australia
Usually, each spouse pays their own lawyer’s costs plus half the court costs. In this case, the 50% sharing of the legal fees should be contractually agreed in advance utilising a cost-sharing agreement between the spouses.

If this is the case, each spouse only pays half of the costs otherwise incurred. If you want to get a divorce from Brisbane, you shouldn’t be afraid of the divorce costs. If the financial means are not sufficient for a divorce Qld, the court and legal expenses will be covered by the state – and the chances of this are good.

Process and Duration of an Amicable Divorce

The process of mutual divorce is no different from regular divorce proceedings:

  • After the end of the year of separation, applying for divorce at the court. Only a lawyer is authorised to do so because of the compulsory lawyer.
  • Payment of advance court costs for the court to act.
  • Service of the application for divorce to the other spouse (respondent) by the court.
  • Unless previously excluded: pension adjustment. This happens automatically if the marriage has lasted at least three years. In the case of shorter marriages, the spouses must apply for it to be carried out.
  • Divorce date and divorce decision in court, at which both spouses must be present.

With the increasing divorce rate in Australia, the length of the divorce proceedings always depends on how many disputes exist between the parties, and how overloaded the courts are. In contrast to a contentious process, the court does not have to deal with the disputed consequences of the divorce, so that the duration of the proceedings is significantly reduced.

  • An amicable divorce without the implementation of the pension adjustment can be completed after approx. 2-3 months.
  • If the amicable divorce is carried out with equalisation of benefits, it is more likely to take about 6-12 months.

Pros and Cons of a Friendly Divorce

As stated earlier, a friendly divorce has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Cost savings :
    1. Only one lawyer needs to be hired. With a corresponding sharing agreement between the spouses, this results in a reduction in legal fees by half.
    2. There are no court costs for settling the consequences of a divorce if the parties have already agreed on this out of court.
  • Time-saving:
    1. The separation period of at least one year instead of three is sufficient to assume that the marriage will break down.
    2. A single court appointment is usually sufficient, as there are no disputes about the consequences of divorce, and there are no corresponding judicial negotiations.
  • Disadvantage:
    1. If only one lawyer is hired: Only the partner who has hired the lawyer will be represented by a lawyer. Counseling for both spouses is only possible if the mutual interests of the spouses are balanced, i.e. with the full agreement of the spouses.
    2. The spouse without their lawyer is mainly incapable of acting in court because of the compulsory lawyer.

This risk can always be avoided if each spouse engages his or her lawyer despite the mutual agreement. You then have to bear the full legal fees – but you can be sure that you have received good advice and that fair arrangements have been made. The cost savings in terms of court costs, as well as the accelerated process flow, then remain with the parties where the divorce rate in Australia is increasing. 

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If you are interested in the percentage of divorces in Australia because yours is going through difficult times, our recommendation is to seek advice as soon as possible. In this way, reliable and personalised information is available. In this way, many fears and uncertainties are avoided, you will know what the costs are and the procedures that must be carried out.

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Frequently Ask Question 

What is the divorce rate in Australia?

Lawyers see a 40% increase in Divorce Rate in Australia.

Which judge is competent?

In principle, the competent judge is the Family Judge of the place of residence of the family.

Who can sue for divorce?

Only the spouses can act in divorce. The couple’s children or third parties cannot work in a spouse’s place, even if the latter dies during the procedure.

How to legally define divorce, Brisbane?

Divorce is a dissolution of marriage, pronounced by the judge, at the request of the spouses or of one of them, in the cases provided for by law. Divorce is not the nullity, that is to say, the retroactive destruction of the marriage, declared by the judge in the event of failure of a condition of marriage formation. 

Is the assistance of a lawyer compulsory?

Yes, the assistance of a lawyer is compulsory for a divorce.


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