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What happens to assets such as the family home during separation and divorce?

Category: Family Law News

How to build a relationship with your ex

Building the ‘business relationship’ of parenting The kids and I are fine… but I dread talking to my ex! Studies have shown that after separation you may have a lot of different feelings towards your ex-partner, or be left with guilt or anger. These feelings can last several years, particularly if you found the break-up

What Makes a Good Family Lawyer Brisbane stand out from the crowd?

Trying to find the right family lawyer can be a bit of a minefield. Get it wrong and you’ll just be wasting money on a Brisbane family law firm that’s not right for you. In this article, we’ll look at what makes a good family lawyers Brisbane and offer tips on how to choose the

Kanye Believe It Or Not? Kim Kardashian Can!

As reported recently in a ‘very reliable’ gossip magazine, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is on life support right now, but don’t expect a Court showdown if they do go their separate ways. Radaronline.com has learned the couple has hammered out an agreement on how to potentially divide their assets – including the kids

How Do I Avoid Family Court after Relationship Breakdown – Part 2

Collaborative Law Can Keep You Out Of Court. Pros of Collaborative Law Allows people negotiate their own outcomes with their own assets and liabilities. Allows people to communicate directly with the former partner to work out how time with the children in the future can work for them and for the children. Costs a lot less than

New Dedicated Domestic Violence Court at Southport: Good News for women or more trouble for equal rights? Part 2

PART 2: New Dedicated Domestic Violence Court at Southport: Good News for women or more trouble for equal rights? [PART 1: Click Here] Now for the Cons: Domestic Violence Orders and how they are used against the innocent. I recently penned an article for our Family Law blog and Facebook page setting out the pros

De Facto Family Law News June 4, 2015

Gay Marriage in Australia

REPORTED IN THE DAILY MAIL NEWSPAPER “MODEL MIRANDA KERR’S BROTHER MATTHEW, 29, DECLARES HE IS ‘SMITTEN’ AND ANNOUNCES ON FACEBOOK HE WILL WED BOYFRIEND JAMES WRIGHT, 36,” The article went on say that Miranda Kerr’s brother Matthew will wed his boyfriend who is 7 years his senior.  He announced the wedding in a surprise statement

Preparing For The Unthinkable: Protecting Your Interests Under Family Law

PREPARING FOR THE UNTHINKABLE: PROTECTING YOUR INTERESTS UNDER FAMILY LAW A paper delivered to a conference for financial advisers in Australia. In this article, we have endeavored to analyse what a Financial Adviser would like to glean from a family lawyer, and how this may be applicable to their clients. There are certain areas of family

CHILD SAFETY Family Law News April 22, 2015

All Contact Between Father And Child Halted By Judge

ALL CONTACT BETWEEN FATHER AND CHILD HALTED BY JUDGE The recent case in the Family Court of Australia of Dunst [2014] saw Judge Austin order that the father not spend any time with his five children. Whilst much debate has been had in recent times regarding the assumed favoritism by the Family Court ordering more time

Divorce Family Law News April 15, 2015

Judge allows divorce papers to be served via Facebook

Facebook has been a place for people to promote their newly single status for years, but now it also has the power to help people legally reclaim their single life. In a landmark ruling, a New York City judge had declared that Facebook messages are an acceptable way to serve divorce papers, according to the

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