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Financial Settlements in Family Law

Category: Financial Matters

Financial Settlements in Family Law

Law in a minute: Financial Settlements When two people separate (after a very long relationship), financial issues can become problematic. Because there is stress involved with the separation itself, and you have to start thinking about how to split these assets up & how to finalize things. This can often become a complicated process, especially

Unsent Text Message Found to be a Valid Will

An unsent text message on the phone of a deceased man was found to be a valid Will in a decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Queensland on 9th October 2017. Before taking his own life in October 2016, the 55 year old deceased man drafted a text message to his brother on

Money Matters: The Top 7 Ways To Turn A Cheap Divorce Into An Expensive Affair

When meeting with a cheap divorce lawyer, undoubtedly, one of your primary concerns would be how much it would cost you to dissolve your marriage and resolve property settlement issues. This is a pertinent concern and in the same way as a lavish wedding ceremony and overseas honeymoon can cost an arm and a leg,

How Safe Is Your Will? New Changes To QLD Succession Law May Impact You More Than You Think

Important information Regarding De Facto Relationships & Your Will Did You Know? Changes to Queensland Succession Law May Impact You! Two recent changes to Succession Law in Queensland will have significant impacts upon estate disputes and the way Wills are treated where they include former de facto partners. The changes are an important reminder of

What is your best alternative to Court if you and your former partner don’t agree on children or property issues?

Chief Justice of the Family court of Australia, Judge Diana Bryant says “I think the system is letting people down” In an article published by Robyn Powell of the ABC on 1 May 2017 our head Judge of the Family Court says “ I think the system is letting people down” and Bryant J sets

If You Don’t Put Orders in Place Now, You’ll regret It Later

WHAT DO YOU MEAN ORDERS? This term mainly relates to financial issues arising from a separation or split in a relationship. DEFINITION: WHAT CONSTITUTES A RELATIONSHIP? A relationship means marriage, de-facto or same sex relationship. The Family Law Act legislation deals with all three relationships. WHAT PROPERTY? The financial assets of the parties which include

Relationship Breakdown: Smart People Do These Things before Contacting a Family Lawyer

Marriages, De Facto relationships and same sex relationships are all covered by the Family Law Act. Are you aware that there are difficulties in your relationship and that your partner may wish to leave. Separation definition What happens if a separation does occur. A separation has three elements; Either party or both intend to end

Kanye Believe It Or Not? Kim Kardashian Can!

As reported recently in a ‘very reliable’ gossip magazine, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is on life support right now, but don’t expect a Court showdown if they do go their separate ways. Radaronline.com has learned the couple has hammered out an agreement on how to potentially divide their assets – including the kids

How Do I Avoid Family Court after Relationship Breakdown – Part 2

Collaborative Law Can Keep You Out Of Court. Pros of Collaborative Law Allows people negotiate their own outcomes with their own assets and liabilities. Allows people to communicate directly with the former partner to work out how time with the children in the future can work for them and for the children. Costs a lot less than

Pet Custody: A Doggy Tail

About Pet Custody I am always amazed when two astute people upon separation can work out every financial aspect of their relationship and can agree on the division of their matrimonial assets but are unable to agree as to who should look after Fido the dog or Max the cat. This is quite common especially

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