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Category: Prenuptial Agreement

Is a Binding Financial Agreement right for me?

A Binding Financial Agreement QLD (sometimes called a pre-nuptial agreement or BFA) can be entered into prior to or during a relationship. They can also be used after a relationship...


Is Prenuptial Agreement Useful in Australia?

If you are thinking of getting married in Australia, then you should know about the prenuptial agreement in Australia. it has many benefits. If unfortunately, the marriage does not work...

By Aylward Game Oct 1, 2020 Family Law Blog

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement and Is It Legally Binding?

Did you know that currently, some 30% of Australian marriages end in divorce? That’s a pretty scary statistic, but that’s the reality. When people get married they don’t go into...

By Aylward Game May 18, 2018 Divorce