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Quick Tips for Parents Spending Time Away From Their Children


Quick Tips for Parents Spending Time Away From Their Children

You want to be able to continue having a great relationship with your kids after separation. This means you must focus on the kids rather than on your ex-partner. You still need to be parents together, rather than partners. Separation is often a time of conflict between adults. This is very damaging to children. It

Family Law Blog TOP TEN FAMILY LAW September 21, 2017

Who gets the dog? A family law case.

It is not uncommon in our practice as Brisbane Family Lawyers to be asked questions about what happens after separation to the family pet, usually a dog. Sometimes our clients use words and phrases in relation to their pets that we more commonly associate with arrangements for children, such as custody or access to the

De Facto Separation – Did You Know?

De Facto Separation – Did You Know? Did you know that after a separation in a de facto separation relationship that a separating party must bring an application in relation to financial issues arising from the breakdown in the relationship within a period of 2 years from the date of separation.  For instance if de

Top Ten Issues You Need To Know About Family Law Litigation

Follow along for the latest installment of our ‘TOP TEN ISSUES YOU NEED TO KNOW” series. This feature discusses the Top Ten Issues You Need To Know About Family Law Litigation. In 1975 the Federal Government set up the Family Court to deal with matrimonial matters.  It now also deals with de facto and same

Ten Things You Need To Know In Family Law

TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW IN FAMILY LAW  The ten most common mistakes made by family law clients: Delay in obtaining legal advice if your partner relocates. The welfare of the children is paramount.  Don’t allow a parenting pattern to be established which the Court may be reluctant to alter. Negotiating children and property issues

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