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23Apr, 18

When it comes to the break down of a relationship that culminates in separation and divorce, the division of property, assets and accumulated debt can become a real sticking point for many former couples. Divorce is stressful and emotional enough as it is without the burden of having to negotiate over material goods and finances, ….more

18Apr, 18

Separation and divorce can prove to be a complicated process on a number of levels, even if there are no children involved. However, when a couple has had children together, working out an amicable arrangement can become a major point of conflict and concern. Many drawn out court battles have occurred over the years due ….more

16Apr, 18

Separation and divorce is a stressful and very confusing period of life. Stress levels are exacerbated even further when children are involved. Many marriages and de facto relationships that break down will have children in the equation, and it certainly makes a clean separation that much more complicated. And divorce is difficult enough without one ….more

12Apr, 18

Sometimes evidence of domestic violence is obvious, but that’s not always the case. Then there’s the issue of emotional abuse as well. Physical injuries can heal, but often it takes a lot longer to heal the emotional damage caused in these unfortunate situations. Emotional scarring can potentially be a lot more damaging than physical bruising ….more

10Apr, 18

Just the very word “divorce” is scary for many people. Thoughts of never-ending legal battles and disputes between the separating parties is often how most people view an impending divorce lawyer, followed up by opposing lawyers grinding it out in lengthy courtroom proceedings. But does it always have to be that way? Can a divorce ….more

3Apr, 18

There are not many circumstances in life that can be as stressful as going through a separation or divorce. It’s a very personal and emotional time, made even harder if you didn’t want the separation. Many people experience separation anxiety, a sense of loss or failure. There might also be feelings of bitterness, as well ….more

23Mar, 18

Trying to find the right family lawyer can be a bit of a minefield. Get it wrong and you’ll just be wasting money on a Brisbane family law firm that’s not right for you. In this article, we’ll look at what makes a good family lawyers Brisbane and offer tips on how to choose the ….more

6Mar, 18

Quite often Buyers can become confused when looking at settlement figures leading up to settlement and often question how adjustments and figures are calculated. It is quite common for Buyers to misunderstand settlement figures and are often concerned that they are paying for the Seller’s overdue rates or water notices. Settlement Figures – what are ….more

22Dec, 17

Today, I would like to discuss mediation. This is often used in the family law context to assist people to resolve disputes about either parenting or property settlement matters. And is a process that can be used to help people reach an agreement without going to court. It has the considerable advantage of an earlier ….more

19Dec, 17

We are seeing an increasing number of applications to the court in Queensland for domestic violence orders. Unfortunately, that reflects an increase in the incidence people; sometimes thinks that domestic violence only includes physical violence between two people. But in fact, the definition of domestic violence in Queensland is drawn much wider. Different types of ….more