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22Dec, 17

Today I would like to discuss mediation. This is often used in the family law context to assist people to resolve disputes about either parenting or property settlement matters. And is a process that can be used to help people reach an agreement without going to court. It has the considerable advantage of an earlier ….more

19Dec, 17

We are seeing an increasing number of applications to the court in Queensland for domestic violence orders. Unfortunately, that reflects an increase in the incidence people sometimes thinks that domestic violence only includes physical violence between two people. But in fact, the definition of domestic violence in Queensland is drawn much wider. Different types of ….more

11Dec, 17

So some people do need to know how to contest at will this is a complex area and it’s important to get legal advice early on there are quite strict time limits that apply and it’s important that you act quickly there are essentially two bases upon which you might challenge a will one is ….more

6Dec, 17

Often when two people separate one of them will come to see us and seek legal advice and may be looking to make an application to the court if things aren’t good in the relationship and when a party is looking to take some action to protect their interests and get what they think is ….more

5Dec, 17

The Family law act describes that parents are to make the major decision in relation to children together (once they’ve been separated) so major long-term decision, such as health decisions, schooling decisions and religious decision are to be made by parents jointly – pursuant to their equal share parental responsibilities under the Family law act. ….more

5Dec, 17

Court’s interesting approach to property settlement after husband murders wife The Family Court of Australia has delivered judgment in Family Law property settlement proceedings brought by a wife who was subsequently murdered by her former husband. The former husband shot the wife resulting in her death, and also shot a friend of the wife who ….more

4Dec, 17

When two people separate, it’s often difficult to decide what to do and to decide whether or not to go and see a solicitor because people are concerned with the cost involved with solicitors and the stress of the process. But our role is really to minimize the stress of that process and to help ….more

29Nov, 17

Drug use by a parent is often alleged in Family Law parenting proceedings, typically in the context of one parent calling into question the ability of the other parent to provide appropriate care for the child/children. Where drug use is alleged by one or both parents, a Court will often seek some independent evidence to ….more

28Nov, 17

The whole area of succession law in Australia is still dealt with by State Legislation and there are therefore variations in the arrangements and laws between the different states. Victoria has recently passed changes to the legislation in that state that govern what happens when somebody passes away without having left a valid Will. It ….more

15Nov, 17

Law in a minute: Financial Settlements When two people separate (after a very long relationship), financial issues can become problematic because there is stress involved with the separation itself and you have to start thinking about how to split these assets up & how to finalise things… This can often become a complicated process, especially ….more