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Tag: Divorce Lawyers Brisbane

After Separation: How to get to the next stage?

Separation can affect our emotional well-being. It is a major life crisis that affects the way we feel, think, and act. Can you recognise some of the following situations? •...

By Aylward Game Jun 6, 2022 Divorce

If I acquire assets after separation, Can my ex get a share of them?

This question comes up a lot when we are advising clients regarding property settlement issues after a relationship breakdown. In short, the answer is until you have formally resolved and...

By Aylward Game Feb 5, 2021 Divorce

Why Divorce Rate in Australia been increasing for years?

Lawyers see a 40% increase Divorce Rate in Australia has been constant for years - but this year it is on the move. Corona divorces have been causing a rush...

By Aylward Game Dec 7, 2020 Divorce

Best Divorce Lawyer In Brisbane Who Can Help You With Legal Action.

Choosing the best divorce lawyers in Brisbane. When one day you can wake up and admit to yourself that love and marriage are over, it will be time to think...

By Aylward Game Nov 23, 2020 Divorce

Divorce Asset Split In Australia: Who Gets What In A Property Settlement?

It is essential for you to decide about property settlement if you are thinking to end your relationship. It is good to know how assets split in Australia works. Our...

By Aylward Game Oct 8, 2020 Divorce

Why Divorce Rate in Australia is So High?

What is a marriage?  Divorce causes a marriage to end legally. This is a bitter experience in anyone's life. But before unraveling the facts of divorce let's get to know...

By Aylward Game Aug 24, 2020 Divorce

Money Matters: The Top 7 Ways To Turn A Cheap Divorce Into An Expensive Affair

When meeting with a cheap divorce lawyer, undoubtedly, one of your primary concerns would be how much it would cost you to dissolve your marriage and resolve property settlement issues....

By Aylward Game Aug 24, 2017 Divorce

Judge allows divorce papers to be served via Facebook

Facebook has been a place for people to promote their new single status for years, but now it also has the power to help people legally reclaim their single life....

By Aylward Game Apr 15, 2015 Divorce

What To Do In A Separation?

What To Do In A Separation or Conflict? It is always beneficial to arrange counselling for yourself and your partner in order to: Resolve the difficulties which have occurred in...

By Aylward Game Sep 15, 2014 Collaboration